Monday, 10 February 2014

Muhtesem Yuzyil episode 123 trailer 2

Mustafa:" you won't kill me , father?"

Mihrunnisa:"You are going to come back. You are not going to leave us. Promise me."
Hurrem:" I saw everything in our Hunkar's gaze. "
Sumbul:"What did you see Sultanim?"

Hurrem:" Shehzade Mustafa's death."
Mehmed:"Come back quickly baba."
Mahidevran:" Be careful. You are the most precious thing for me in this world.If something happens to you, I can't live."
Beyazit:"Do whatever you can to protect our brother from Hunkarimiz wrath."
Cihangir:"If need be, I will become a shield in front of Mustafa Abi."

Cihangir:" My father wouldn't do this, I said. He cant kill his own son, I said."
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

More from Muhtesem Yuzyil episode 122

Rustem in his letter to Suleyman:" The Janissaries are revolting. They are unhappy . This is due to their loyalty to Shehzade Mustafa."
 Astrologer:" When the eclipse will come, there would be floods, earthquakes and other calamities."
Mahidevran:" The sunnet time has arrived for my lion."
Piri Reis:" Sehzade Mustafa is the future of this dynasty. We have to protect him."
Suleyman:" Piri Reis, I have  appointed you as Captain of India."
Hurrem:" The Janissaries have made a habit to revolt. We have to see  who they get their courage from."
Mahidevran:" Our Hunkar greatest fear was to resemble his father. But it is apparent that he is proud, warrior and brave. But, you have only inherited the good traits of your father. Allah took pride and ruthlessness away from you and put humility instead."
Cihangir:" Rustem pasha has once again blamed my brother. How sad it is mother, that what is best for you , is not best for me."
Hurrem:" There is an animal inside everyone. I always listen to it, because I have to. I have no other choice to protect you, my children."
Suleyman:" My son can't do this. He can never ally himself with my enemies."

Rumeli Kasasker:" All the pashas and beys loyal to Shehzade Mustafa have been sent far away from Capitol."
Cihangir:" I can't write to my brother anymore because my mother knows of every letter I send. But I will do whatever I can."

Sinan Pasha:" The letter you have been waiting for has arrived."
Mustafa:" MEHMETTTT!!!!!!!!!"
Letter from Tahmasp:"  Sultan Sehzade Mustafa! I will be always with you. We both want to depose Sultan Suleyman from the throne. "
Hurrem:" Tahmasp has written more than we expected."
Sultan Selim to Shehzade Suleyman:" When time comes, the younger lion kills the older lion. This is the nature of this universe."
Suleyman:" O my piece of soul, how can u betray me."
Mustafa saves Mehmet in a quicksand .
Suleyman:" Take this letter to Ebusuud Effendi."
Cihangir:" It's a great sin to come between a father and a son. If blood is spilled , we will all drown in it."

 Mihrimah:" I have nothing to do with it."

Cihangir:" Mustafa brother is innocent."
Atmaca:" If Hunkarimiz believes this accusation, he will give only one order , God forbid, execution."
Ebusuud's letter:" To ensure peace, his killing has been seen perfect."



Saturday, 8 February 2014

Pics from Muhtesem yuzyil episode 122 part 1

 "Destruction ....Destruction...!!!!"
Suleyman finds a tree in his garden, which was infested with ants.  the tree was going to die.. but Suleyman didnt want to harm the ants because they were living things.. so he asks the advise Ebussuud Effendi.
Hurrem," I am closer to victory than ever before. I can sense it, Just like I saved myself from Ibrahim Pasha , I will save myself from Shehzade Mustafa ."
Rustem to Zal ," Go with your most trusted men . And bring the letter coming from Shah Tahmasp . Everything is dependent on you ."
Rustem to Janissaries," The war hasnt begun yet and you are complaining about supplies. If one more complain, I will have your head."
Mihrimah," What will happen when Hunkarim will come to know about Shehzade Mustafa and Tahmasp?"
Hurrem:" The best thing would be to take his life."
Nurbano :" Maybe darkness for someone else means brightness for us."
Nurbano:" Luck is on our side.. One sun will set and another will rise. And why cant that sun be you?"
Mustafa,"What Hurrem Sultan and Rustem wanted has happened. They are going to a pointless war."
Beyazit," If I had this much support of people and Janissaries, I wouldnt have been that much patient as my Mustafa brother is."
Mihrimah," I wish that u loved us as much as you love him(Mustafa)."
Cihangir," Because he never made me feel that I had any flaws. I wish that you looked at me through his eyes."
Janissaries," Rustem pasha killed Tufan. He threatened him in the morning."
Agha," I personally took his life, as per your command. And now the soldiers are holding you (Rustem) accountable. They are also talking about Mustafa."
Rustem," This is exactly what I had wanted."
To be continued